Information Technology

We are a specialist Company providing marketing services to the technology sector. STURDILY Services help clients in reaching technology users, tele-marketing, IT prospect database, Lead Generation, App & Software Development and market research.

Market Research

Recognise the industry better with thorough Market Research and systematic Analysis Analyst intelligences give in-depth idea of…..

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Content Marketing

Your content is your Online Song. Sing it right, and you’ll get it right. Utter a messy term and you’ll pay for it. You don’t want that to happen…,.

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Mobile Marketing

STURDILY Services uses top mobile ad publishers and a unique geo-targeting solution to place the most relevant mobile banner ads possible…..

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Marketing Database

STURDILY accumulate, aggregate, manage, and authenticate data from thousands of local sources daily so that our clients can use the information……

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Social Media

Social Media Marketing is on the upsurge by the day with millions of users teeming across the globe. They are technically advanced….

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Mobile App Development

STURDILY is a company included of highly dedicated professionals with expertise in digital strategy, user experience design and custom application development….

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Niche Marketing

Niche marketing by STURDILY is a targeted marketing plan that focuses on one particular sector of the market that has high potential to connect with….

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Media Marketing

A STURDILY New media is a marketing and communication tool that uses technology such as video, multimedia and the web to convey message….

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Software Development

With STURDILY, you get a partner who not only understands how to build high performance software products and applications; you also get a company whose….

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