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STURDILY accumulate, aggregate, manage, and authenticate data from thousands of local sources daily so that our clients can use the information internationally to target the right businesses. Our ability to turn a massive stream of data into high quality business data is what sets us apart from other data owners. Our sources of information include landing pages, events, tradeshows, live conferences, company financials, B2B magazines, newspapers and other online media.

The foundation of our process is Excellence Guarantee which includes over 840 + separate automated checks, plus many manual ones, to ensure the data meets our high quality ethics.


INDIA Exchange File

STURDILY’s INDIA Exchange File provides access to a consistent, industry leading file of 3.7m qualified, actively trading and relevant businesses for your sales and marketing activities. STURDILY’s market foremost approach takes advantage of numerous data sources coupled with our own call-centre verification and manual checks to repeatedly enrich and update the data.

The INDIA Exchange File provides a strong source of quality business and prospect contact information ranging from registered company address and contact details, to a company’s Line of Business, Size (e.g. Industry, employees, revenue, and titles), financial information and their full global corporate family.

In addition to this, STURDILY can also provide information on other businesses whether they’re trading or not as well as a collection of out of business entities.


INDIA Exchange File enables you to:




Improve targeted spend of your marketing budget – due to negligible data gaps and further verification not being essential


Generate high quality and accurate prospect lists – resulting in better response rates and improved ROI on your sales and marketing activities


Produce enhanced insight and analytics to make well informed decision


Deliver effective marketing campaigns – target the businesses that matter to you and reduce cost and time processing non-relevant data


Receive a clear view of where new opportunities are available

Business Contacts

STURDILY Services recognises the standing of one to one marketing and in particular reaching the right decision makers. STURDILY Services Business Contacts has been designed to provide you with high quality and quantity contact data, with over 3.7 million contacts and more than 1Million personal e-mail addresses for you to choose from.

By combining STURDILY Business Contacts with the data from STURDILY’s INDIA Exchange File, where we verify a company as trading using the unique intelligence STURDILY Services holds, you have an unbeatable blend to improve the accuracy of your marketing campaigns.


Global B2B data

STURDILY Services Business database containing information on over 50 million from over 150 countries and includes both trading and non-trading entities. The information is collected locally from 5,000 sources by STURDILY entities and strategic partners which creates our Worldwide Network.

Information available includes Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Contact Name, Employee Number, Sales Size and Line of Business information.

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