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New Media Marketing STURDILY New media is a marketing and communication tool that uses technology such as video, multimedia and the web to convey a message. This new and innovative form of communication enables anyone to express their ideas and opinions in an interactive way, by using a variety of digital media. Web videos, blogs, social networks, and pod casts are just some forms of new media that have been a successful part of marketing.

Benefits for Businesses

New media creates the opportunity for a business to be taken to a whole new level. Web video is a new way for businesses to communicate with customers in a more emotional environment. Combining the use of audio and visual effects on the web, can be a much more memorable experience for customers, and have much more of an impact.

Using online video advertising allows businesses to bypass the high costs of producing television commercials; it has be found that consumers are typically more likely to respond better to online video advertisements rather than image advertisements. Studies have shown that video ad click rates are far higher than image ads.

Technology which allows businesses to view what type of customers are purchasing their products, and viewing their videos can be very beneficial to a company. Many companies provide spaces for comments and customer feedback on their websites. Receiving this type of information from customers saves businesses a tremendous amount of time and money, which would otherwise be spent on researching customer’s wants, needs, and opinions.

Placing a video online also gives businesses the opportunity to increase their awareness through circulation of the video. Forty-two percent of web video viewers find videos online by either clicking on an email link or using a search engine to track it down.

By making a video available online, the amount of circulation it receives can end up driving a large amount of traffic to a company website, or store. Studies have found that after viewing an online video for a company, fourteen percent of viewers visit the company store and eight percent make an actual purchase.

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